Your kid’s learning and fun time is as important to ColorMotion as it is to you!

The bouncy fun of our trampolines caters to children of all ages with extensively made, safe jump spaces. Have your kids test their strength, skill and stamina through a range of engaging bouncy games such as basketball, volleyball, slides and sporty competitions. Our functional spaces are deliberately made to challenge and therefore includes well-structured wall climbing games that gives the break to your kids after long training classes while also teaching them some necessary skills like courage and confidence.

40.0 SAR / Hour

Toddler Area

The little ones deserve as much of the fun. Our nursery is uniquely designed to provide safer learning and play environments for toddlers with engaging games such as Lego, cubes, balls and a designated area in the trampoline for the young ones. So as you wait for your older ones to have their fun time, your little ones can engage in a learning experience that will keep them happy.

40.0 SAR / Hour