It’s a Journey!

A sense of achievement Colormotion has to be the place where your kids find energy, a drive, and motivation to be more than ordinary. That is why our trainings make sure that recognition is given in all games and plays.

With each level passed, certificate of achievement will be rewarded for the learned skills and demonstration of it will be made through photos and posters.

Each month, success will be celebrated where your kids can be the star and show off the skills they have learned over the entire training.

Party Room

Let us make your parties magical and unforgettable for your kids and their friends. From decorations to the theme, everything is picked and set according to your child’s dream. Be it his favorite character or color, we will bring it to reality. So be it a graduation celebration, a get together or a birthday, our spaces offer a range of multiple themes and programs to choose from. There is up-to two hours of time for activities of your choice, including games, competitions and special performances by clowns or magicians. Kids can even spend time in a class of their choosing like Zumba, Martial Arts and more. The last 30 minutes are dedicated to refreshments, food and gifts provided by the parents.

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