Gymnastics is one of the most enjoyable form of physical activity as it builds speed, grace and balance.

Much to the subtle ways of the activity, it promotes determination and self-confidence among children. With skilled and high caliber instructors, our spaces have become open to provide clean, safe environment that encourage learning. Our Gymnastic activities are divided into three main types.


One of the most popular choice in gymnastics, the activity is for both girls and boys, however specified in terms of the exercises. For girls, the exercises use apparatus’s like uneven bars and balance beams whereas for boys, the set up includes floor exercises making use of high and parallel bars.


Especially crafted for girls, the activity focuses on graceful movements enhancing flexibility and agility. The gymnastic is performed with dance exercises to music, with or without supporting gymnastic apparatus.


Aerobics at Colormotion centres on performances by individuals, pairs or groups. Attention is given towards strength building and aerobic fitness