Dedicated to making sure your children truly develop their talents and achieve their goals, our focus remains on the progress your kid makes under the guidance of our experienced, qualified and enthusiastic instructors. See the experience yourself as your kids delve into a range of dance forms that brings out their inner potential.


Colormotion showcases ballet as a graceful and balanced form of art that goes with mesmerizing movements, giving the girls the feel of a princess. The dance form is meant to build consistency and patience that demonstrates itself an ideal form of joy.


A perfect combo of fun and fitness, Colormotion amplifies an energetic and engaging way of staying physically up-class. Our routines include interactive Zumba practices that contain all elements of a well-designed fitness work-out such as muscle balancing to give your kids an extra boost of exhilarating strength

Afro & Hip-hop

Children love to dance and we are pleased to be nurturing this love by making it skill centric and joyous. Our educational activities contain creative forms like hip-hop and Afro, where children engage to be truly up-beat while having their regular physical work-out.