A platform for ideas to challenge and inspire growth

Build. Play. Learn

Together with the zest of motion, Color Motion brings you a new experience, encouraging knowledge and full of life activities. Where families and children can have an unforgettable time of fun and joy, while learning something new every time. Our engaging and versatile spaces are made to challenge young minds and train them in various skills.

An array of active play

To transform conventional ways by bringing multi-functional and diverse range of activities that foster growth on an educational level, transforming leisure time into a highly productive time to learn and grow

Re-Create Learning

To create safer playful environment for children with recreational activities designed to meet contemporary style of learning that nurture fundamental skills amongst the young ones while maintaining an engaging and exciting atmosphere.

Why us?

placeholder Colors & Magic
Each of the spaces and corners are crafted to create an experience. Interaction and fun are found at each step you take as you walk through a magical world of play and excitement.
placeholder Build to challenge!
Activates designed to create a competitive edge in the young ones. With competing notions and challenges such as Fitness, Zumba, Ballet, Gymnastics and strength building martial arts. It is always about building experiences through experiential ways of active play.
placeholder Fun to freedom
Your children have the tendency to easily drift away, so let’s give them something to hold on to. Our activities are fun and engaging. Be it Art or a Zumba routine, our movement are meant to create ease and fun.
placeholder Our facilities & games
Our activity centers are made to create engagement. You would want to bring your kids again every time with the growth you see in them.
placeholder Harmony to diversity
Our spaces and rooms are divided to be multi-functional and suited to the ways of children without compromising any heights, views or light. The rooms are wide and spacious enough to let your children engage.
placeholder Children need the break & so do you
Boring curriculums can get monotonous and your children need the break. While they breath fun through our activities, your visit could be the ideal family time!